About Me

My Mantra

"Live to Create!"



I will be the first or second to go stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and present a new idea.


You will often see me with a smile on my face and a pep in my step. 


I tend to exude warmth, kindness and acceptance to everyone I meet. My enthusiasm has a 99% up time.


#1 Understand

The hardest part of UX is solving the right problem. This can only be done by understanding both the goals of the organization and the people using their products and services.

#2 Explore

Once I have an understanding of the true problem facing my project's stakeholders and users, it is time to explore solutions.

#3 Implement

Implementation is quite straight forward.Agile is the only way to ensure consistent progress and address blockers before they snowball. I often build with a combination of Drupal 8, Angular, HTML, SCSS, vanilla Javascript, and jQuery.

#4 Analyze

The project is not over after it has been tossed into the wild. At this point we must monitor and analyze the results of our efforts and determine if original KPIs have been met. If not, another cycle of research, exploration, and implementation begins.